Chilli Chocolate Mead Semi Dry - A dry wine style mead, 14.5 ABV Fermented February 2021 earliest likely release date, May 2022.

Cacao, or cocoa is made from cacao beans. These beans are rich in flavour, this is added to by gently roasting them before use.

What today's market expects when it hears the word chocolate, is sweetness in a block, but this is not how cacao has always been used.

Fermented beverages made from cacao date back to 450 Bc  nearly as far back as Mead.  Amazon Basin Mexicans pre hispanic cultures along the Maya and as far back as Ol Mecca

Putting cacao into a fermenter was not such an unusual thing until Mr Fry, (circa 1850) and others changed the way we use this bean: creating a bitter beverage was actually the norm.

Cacao is an ingredient that has taken some getting used to, it doesn't like giving up its flavours during fermentation, it prefers to sit around in the juice once the fermenting is done. I am learning as I am going here, but am really confident this is going to be a very special mead.

A hint of chilli, just a tiny touch of sweetness, but not really that perceptible with the chocolate earthiness coming through in spades. Rich and bitter chilli chocolate, wrapped in a honey drink. 



‘It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or obtain alcohol for, anyone under 18’

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