Carrot, Ginger and Apple Wine

This is an heirloom recipe I have come across and really want to make. This is my juice bar combination and I would love to try it as a wine.

Root vegetable wines are generally made by boiling the veg and then simply using the water. I have done this, but have made a second batch also where I have juiced the carrots and used this to create the wine. Like many of these things, it is a learning process for me, I am expecting the age old method will give me an age old wine, my new age method will give me brighter flavours and colours though may require a longer ageing period to be smooth and delicious. 

The apple juice is crush extracted and I make use of a variety of four types of apples. The ginger is also crushed and the flesh is used in the must. This adds to my work, but also adds to the flavour extraction. 

A few spices will be added in secondary, I will toast these first and keep them to a minimum, they are there to season the flavours, not take over from them.

Two batches in the making, they may well get blended.