Cognac Barrel Signature Mead

This is my version of what is commonly called a Traditional or Classic Mead, a Mead made from honey without any other dominating flavours.

I use a variety of Australian and New Zealand Honeys, some are blended before being fermented, some are crafted into meads that are then blended. together. 

Ageing in grand old French Cognac barrels gives this mead a chance to create smooth and rich flavours as it picks up the vanillan tones from the barrels. These are true Cognac barrels imported from France. I am continually adding to the collection of Cognac barrels, they are excellent for long term ageing and have a timeless and historic feel about them.

This will be an ongoing production, as the years go by I will have acquired more aged product to blend into the release blend. As the Meadery ages, so too will the signature blend.

Initially I will be releasing this to friends and subscribers only, who will be able to enjoy its development over the years.

As with any of my products, I will not release the first batch until it is an excellent mead, and it will only get better than that in the ensuing years.