Irish Styled Mead

Not a delicate Mead by any means, this is a big and bold mead full of flavours.

I spent considerable time looking for an "Irish Mead" and found a range of historical recipes. The Irish were no different to any other nationality in the way they made their meads from the available ingredients at the time. I have taken the ingredients that I found were common in these recipes and styled a mead in the manner I think pays tribute to what would have been a fairly typical Irish Mead.

The thyme honey brings an underlying herbal note to the mix that is then softened by the malty tones of the rich clover honey. Softening the Thyme was important, it needs to sing in harmony with the rosemary, wormwood, hawthorn berries, meadowsweet, sage, elderflower, Irish moss and a few others.

It sings loudly across the whole range, this is not just a lot of flavour, it is a lot of flavours and they all combine to make this big mead.

Put down to age in September 2021, after several months in stainless,  I don't expect this to be ready till Mid 2022 or perhaps later.