Meadow Mead

Think picnics, sunshine, fresh clover, wild flowers and herbs all nicely aged to a smooth and well balanced mead.

In the tradition of foraged Meads, this Mead is very much based around the things one might find on a walk through a Meadow. Calendula petals coupled with the rosehips give it a brilliant hue, chamomile adds an earthiness to it, elderflower brings some bright notes and the thyme, rosemary, yarrow, and meadowsweet are all used to give a background of herbal notes rather than a dominance.

Clover honey brings a rich malty flavour to the mix. 

This is a very approachable mead, it is not a challenging flavour profile at all, but it is one that becomes more complex with contemplation. I am expecting to release this as semi dry/semi sweet.