OTT Citrus

This is a batch that will be blended with a well aged Kamahi Mead once they have both aged sufficiently, and separately. Once blended it will spend some time in old oak where it can settle sufficiently for bottling.

It is intentionally over the top with flavours of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit and has an absolutely shameless bite to it. A touch of Citra and Mandarin Hops just adds to the aroma nicely, a touch of home grown Wormwood brings a bright accompanying note.

There will be two blends of this released: one will be over the top and only really of interest to those who enjoy a well bittered and biting mead, but as those people know, finding a beverage that satisfies that taste is not always easy. This one is for you.

The other will be much lighter in flavour and will be blended in a lighter ratio: it will be more of a hint of citrus than a bucket load of it.

I am not expecting to see this in bottles until spring 2022.