The Oaked Gold Story 

Located in the country village of Laggan in NSW, where the air is still fresh and the people friendly, Meads and Wines are carefully and slowly crafted with the aim of creating products that reflect the level of care and passion taken to produce them.

Armed with the training of a chef (several decades ago), the curiosity of a cat and an attitude that perfection is the holy grail of artisan craftwork, I have embarked on this adventure in order to create products that I can share with others: products that I am absolutely proud of. 

To me, each bottle or keg, is no different to sending a meal across the pass. If I would not be pleased to deliver it and pour it for you while telling you proudly that I made it, then I am not going to let it out of the kitchen, or in this case "the shed".

Any chef will tell you that watching the pass is the last step in producing the best possible experience for people. Every ingredient matters, not just the selection, but the way each ingredient is treated and is blended with other ingredients. The processes used, and even the equipment all play a vital role in the quest for the holy grail of perfection. 

Science is what supports the art: it makes it work. This is where the curiosity is vital and a thorough understanding of the science behind the art is essential. 

The science and art don't stop when the fermenting is over though, far from it.

The ageing of Meads and Wines is a vital phase of their development. The selection and matching of the vessel to the current and desired product is all part of the artisan approach. This ageing process takes patience. 

Waiting for things to happen doesn't always come easy to one who likes to make things happen, but patience is a discipline: and this is what being disciplined is all about, taming those inner urges. Is this somehow the opposite to art?

Science, art and patience are all combined to bring you a crafted product. I like to think it is mostly art.

I really hope you enjoy my art.




 Art manages to free our souls from the confines of our minds, our physical limitations become irrelevant. 


 I can be reached by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by phone on 02 8091 6323.


‘It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or obtain alcohol for, anyone under 18’

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