Thyme Four Hops Mead Art

Thyme Four Hops Mead

 This is a hopped Mead made with a rich wild Thyme honey. It is a bold mead full of flavour and fit for any castle gathering.

The Thyme honey used is a rich and earthy honey full of herbal flavours. It is a unique honey and creates a unique mead.

The four types of hops used are full of tropical and stone fruit aromas. and were added to the ferment at different points of time in order to capture different levels of flavour and aroma. These both balance and compliment the earthiness and strong herbal floral notes of the Thyme Honey. Just a hint of sweetness, a hint of bitterness and a bottle load of flavour.

It is sitting in a French Oak Barrique at the moment, where it is mellowing nicely. 

Only time will tell when it is to be released, I would think around February 2022 but it may be later. I am never in a rush to get to market and good Mead takes time, or in this case Time after Thyme.

This fabulous Thyme Honey features in the Thyme Mead as well as playing a big role in the Irish Mead