Golden Vermead  - Dry - Semi Dry - Sweet


If you are unsure what VermeadTM is, it is made in the same manner as Vermouth, but it uses Mead as its base instead of Grape wine. 

My Golden Dry VermeadTM is dry, because that is how some like it. Mr Bond will tell you that. 

Crafted in the same traditional manner that Vermouth is, VermeadTM is made from a variety of Meads that have been fermented specifically for the task. These are blended with the rest of the ingredients before heading off to an oak barrel for some time out and maturing.

With Wormwood being prominent there is a freshness that comes with the dry and bittering effects it is best known for. This is backed up by an array of other herbs, spices and botanicals. There is also a distinct citrus aroma and backdrop.

 From the same base meads I am also crafting this as a Sweet VermeadTM as well as in a semi dry version.

Will yours be shaken or stirred?


This is a new and exiting product, I look forward to releasing it.


VermeadTM is a registered trademark of Oaked Gold