Maple Wine

Having tried a few variations of maple wines, I have decided that a liqueur style is the one that best shines the maple through. When people think Maple Syrup, they think rich, sweet and sticky, this wine will deliver on those expectations.

With an expected ABV of 17 to 18% this will be a sipping delight in the style of the great Australian after dinner Stickies, with a Canadian twist. 

Just a hint of spice, some richness from dried fruits and a whole lot of maple makes this a real contender to become one's favourite after dinner tipple.

Pure organic A grade dark maple syrup imported from Canada was used for this batch. I am a strong believer that quality ingredients are worth sourcing, this is what makes a quality product.

Fermentation was started in small fermenters and is now being allowed to complete in freshly charred ex bourbon barrels. Once it has finished fermenting and settled down it will be racked through other fresh barrels for a few months until it rests in a medium char for at least a year, probably two, maybe even longer.

I really do not mind putting this through numerous barrels, it conditions the barrels nicely for the next product to go through them.

I am really looking forward to sipping on this when it is finished, and of course, looking forward to sharing it and showing it off. There may be some left over for bottling.

This will be a very limited release.

I don't expect to be putting this into a bottle until 2023 perhaps later.

It is going to be worth the wait.